Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chapter 7 on WordPress

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  1. So many things I loved about this update!!

    Aven scares me! Especially since I have no idea where you're going to take this story. :) When she talks about making deals with spirits - oooo - chills!

    I LOVED meeting Tearnhe's sire! Awww... so cute! I love how it just shows how she flaunts society in one more manner! Looking forward to getting to know Donnchad, who has to be amazing to put up with Tearnhe's mother! :) hehe

    Dismissing the humans as a threat?! Famous last words! Doh!

    Auberon. *sighs wistfully* I seriously love him! I know he's flawed... lol... I especially love the close-ups! He's so purdy! I probably shouldn't have been so happy when he knocked all the dragons down, but I was! I love how it shows just how powerful he really is!

    As always, I am stunned by how beautiful and aquatic Ico looks. I always think of mermaids when I see her. :)