Character Index: Pre-History

Character Index of all characters who appear in the Pre-Historical era of this story (Chapters 1 -26), listed alphabetically by first name (many character only have first names), sorted into Dragon, Fairy, Human and Other categories. Dragons and Fairies are immortal and there fore will continue to exist in the Medieval Era of this story, but this Index only accounts for relationships that existed in the pre-historical time frame. While I try to keep this index mostly spoiler free, since it does list relationships to other characters that might not exist when the character is first introduced, there may be some spoilers.

Dragons do not have surnames of any kind, though adult males will formally introduce themselves by their name and then their rank in their mate's nest. So, Aymeri would introduce himself as Aymeri, First of Tearhne.

Aeaea:  (Ay-ah) Female dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 21
Daughter of Tegan and Scaeaea (sky-ah). Aeaea's mates and son appear in the story, but are unnamed.

Aithne: (Ay-Ny-ah) Female dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 3.
Aithne is a council elder and mother to Aymeri and Kirwyn.

Arienh: (Ar-Ree-En) Female Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 9.
Arienh is a juvenile female dragon close to coming of age. She's the daughter of Radhari and Rhays, and mate to be of Kirwyn.

Aymeri: (Ay Meh Ri) Male dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 1.
Aymeri is the First of Tearhne's nest, and father of her son, Talfryn. He's also the lover of Ico (fairy), and blood half-brother to Kirwyn.

Brys: Male dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 2.
Brys is Fourth of Tearhne's nest.  

Dechtire: (Deck-teer-eh) Female Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 3.
Dechtire is a council elder and mother to Tearhne.

Emrys: Male Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 6
Emrys is Second of Radhari, becoming First after the death of Hayder. He's father to Riain.

Hayder: Male Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 5
Hayder is First of Radhari, until his death.

Inira: Female Dragon. First appearance: Chapter 23
Inira is the infant daughter of Tearhne and Seirian. She appears breifly in the background of a picture and is mentioned by name just once.

Kirwyn: Male Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 3
Kirwyn is the son of Aithne, and half-brother to Aymeri. He's a teen at the start of the story and an adult shortly after. He becomes First of Arienh when she comes of age.

Moryn: Female dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 3.
Moryn is a council elder and mother to Seirian and Tegan. Her sons are well known for both their healing skills, and for fathering daughters, both rarities among their kind.

Oren: Male Dragon. First appearance:  Chapter 7
Oren is Fourth of Radhari, moving up to third after the death of Hayder.

Radhari: Female Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 7
Radhari is mother to Riain (by Emrys) and Arienh (by Rhays). Her mates are Hayder, Emrys, Rhays and Oren

Rhays: Male Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 7
Rhays is Third of Radhari, moving up to Second after the death of Hayder

Riain: Male dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 2.
Riain is Third of Tearhne's Nest, son of Radhari and Emrys, and half-brother to Arienh. Riain is the lover of the fairy Shayeleigh and the father of her son, Ametair.

Seirian: (Say-ree-en) Male dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 2.
Seirian is Second of Tearhne's nest, son of Moryn and blood half-brother Tegan. He is the father of Inira with Tearhne. Seirian has magical healing abilities, which run in his family.

Talfryn: Male Dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 2
Talfryn is the son of Tearhne and Aymeri. He first appears as a toddler in Ch. 2 and is a young adult by Ch. 25. He is half-brother to Inira, and from his teen age on, lover to the fairy Evenfall.

Tearhne: Female dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 2
Tearhne is mated to Aymeri, Seirian, Riain and Brys, and mother to Talfryn, by Aymeri, and Inira, by Seirian. She's the daughter of Dechtire.

Tegan: Male dragon. First Appearance: Chapter 17
Tegan was mate to Scaea, rank unknown. He is father to Aeaea, and son of Moryn, making him half-brother to Seirian. Like all of Moryn's sons, he has the gift of healing. On and off again lover to Taia Summerdream.

Fairies have both first and surnames. They never officially marry, and even if they do pair up in a long standing relationship, they never take their mate's name. On the rare occasion that a fairy child is born, he/she gets a totally new surname, and does not take one of the parent's surnames.
Fairies are listed here alphabetically by first name, as in the story many are only identified by first name.
Note: When I started this story, the Supernatural EP had not yet been released, so the 'fairies' are just normal Sims with pointed ears, thanks to cmar's ear sliders. New fairies introduced after SN will have wings and some of the new skin color ramps, and the older fairies (mostly) will be retrofitted with them in the medieval section of the story.

Auberon Nightshroud: Male Fairy, First Appearance: Chapter 1
The most powerful of the fairies, along with Tania Summerdream, Auberon has the ability to create reality from his mind alone. He tends to prefer spending time in dream worlds he creates over being the 'real' world, though he makes little distinction between dreams and reality. He's been lovers with just about all the female fairies (Shayeleigh excluded) and was the lover of the human, Uvie. Whoever else he might be sleeping with, he shares a long standing relationship with Tania Summerdream.

Evenfall Nightblossom: Female fairy. First Appearance: Chapter 18
The daughter of Auberon and his mortal lover, Uvie, Evenfall is part human, but has all the abilities and immortality of a fairy. Her special abilities are yet unknown. She is born in chapter 18, and in her teen years she becomes the lover of the dragon Talfryn. She is half-sister to Kvornan and Kairi, Uvie's children with her human mate, Ardax.

Icovellauna Dayspring: Female Fairy. First Appearance: Chapter 1
Known mostly as Ico. Ico is a water sprite, or undine, and lover to Aymeri the dragon. She is deeply connected to the waters, and has the ability to read the water's memory, meaning she can see what happened in or  near a body of water recently. She also can become water, or imbue water with her essence.

Jennicor Winterdream: Female Fairy. First Appearance: Chapter 1
Sister to Tania Summerdream. Jennicor appears in the first scene of the story, only to disappear for the bulk of the pre-historical part of the story, returning from her travels in Chapter 25, in which she has a totally different look from the original. Her role in the story will become more important in the Medieval era. Her abilities are as yet unknown.

Moth Autumnleaf: Male Fairy. First Appearance: Chapter 4
Moth has the ability to take the form of any winged insect, though he prefers butterflies and moths. Shy and excitable, he has a distinct speech pattern in which the words tend to get run together. He is often used as a messenger or spy for Auberon or Tania.

Shayeleigh Greenbough: Female Fairy. First Appearance: Chapter 3
Shayeleigh has the ability to take the form of any animal. Like Moth, she is shy and often takes her animal form as a way of hiding or avoiding contact with others. She is lover to the dragon Riain, and mother with him to Ametair.

Tania Summerdream: Female Fairy: First Appearance: Chapter 1
With Auberon, Tania is one of the most powerful fairies. She has the ability to enter the the minds and dreams of others. It was she who originally brought Auberon out of the dream realm he was born in into the real world, and they have been lovers ever since, though their relationship has never been exclusive. Tania also has been lover to the dragon Tegan.

Humans in the prehistorical period do not have surnames.

Ardax: Male Human. First Appearance: Chapter 15
Ardax is the Spirit Talker, or shaman, of a tribe of humans driven from their land by dragons, and who join Tor's tribe in chapter 15. Ardax was mate to Thari and had two children, but has lost them all to the dragon attacks by the time his people arrive on the scene. He later becomes mate to Uvie, and father to two children with her, Kvornan and Kairi.

Aven: Female Human. First Appearance: Chapter 8
The Spirit Talker, or shaman, of Tor's tribe, Aven had a vision that lead her people to this land. Aven is mother to Uvie by an unnamed father.

Kairi: Female Human. First Appearance: Chapter 21
Daughter of Uvie and Ardax, Kairi was born with her mother's magically abilities but loses them as a teen in Chapter 22. As an adult, she becomes the mate of Tornan, son of the chief, Tor, and mother to a daughter, Zamira and an unnamed son. Kairi is sister to Kvornan and half-sister to the fairy Evenfall.

Kvornan: Male Human. First Appearance: Chapter 21
Son of Uvie and Ardax, Kvornan was born with strong magical abilities, and follows in his parents footsteps to become the tribe's Spirit Talker, or shaman, after them. Kvornan is brother to Kairi and half-brother to the fairy Evenfall. He never took a mate or fathered children.

Tor: Male Human. First Appearance: Chapter 8
Tor is chief of the human tribe. He is father to Tornan by an unnamed mate.

Tornan: Male human. First Appearance: Chapter 24
Though he appears in chapter 24, Tornan is never named in this story, and is only referred to as the current chief and former chief's son, and as mate of Kairi. But he is mentioned by name in the Brannon legacy during a vision sequence. He is son of Tor and mate to Kairi, and father to Zamira and an unnamed son.

Uvie: Female human. First Appearance: Chapter 8
Daughter to Aven, Uvie takes her mother's place as Spirit Talker to her tribe. She is Auberon's lover, and has a fairy daughter, Evenfall, with him. Later, she is mated with the human Ardax and has two children with him, Kvornan and Kairi.

Zamira: Female Human. First Appearance: Chapter 24
Daughter of Kairi and Tornan, Zamira inherited her grandparent's magical abilities and was trained by her uncle Kvornan to take his place as Spirit Talker, or shaman, for the tribe.

There are a few character who fall outside the Dragon, Human or Fairy categories.

Ametair: Male werewolf. First Appearance: Chapter 17
Born in chapter 17 to the fairy Shayeleigh, who has the ability to take the form of any animal, and the dragon Riain, who as a dragon is a two natured creature who can transform from a humanoid form to a great dragon, Ametair is a unique blend of his parents, a two natured fae creature who transforms into a wolfen state, making him the first werewolf. His birth was blessed by a unicorn, a rare event.

Suchandra: Gandharva. First Appearance: Chapter 25
Gandharva are nature spirits and celestial musicians of India, and always male. Suchandra arrives in Chapter 25 seeking aid from the dragons and fairies against the dragons who have been attacking his people. As a Sim, Suchandra is a genie, but gandharva would actually be closer to fairies than djinn, as nature type spirits who can take the forms of different animals. However, they are never winged (except when in bird form), so I chose not to make him a fairy.

Unicorn: Male Unicorn. First Appearance: Chapter 14
This unnamed Unicorn (well, if you must know, his name is Cookie) appears to mark certain key events in the story. His appearances are random game events that I take no control over, and cause a considerable amount of rage making lag. However, because of the magical nature of the story, I allow him to lag up my game and use his appearances in the story. Unicorns are mysterious even to other magical creatures like fairies and dragons.


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  2. Yay! I'm glad you like it.
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    Morvyn was named for his grandmother.