Everything is Connected


My third Random Legacy Challenge, As the Romans Do, started normally enough. I moved my founders into an empty urban neighborhood called Brooklyn Heights, and for fun, I created Sims 3 version of several Sims 2 families to populate the empty world. When my second generation heir, Amelia Roman, began dating the younger son of Jennail and Kvornan Tricou, things started getting a little weird. Pretty soon, Tania Summerdream, the so called Queen of the Fairies began making regular appearances. And then my generation 3 heir, Allyriane Roman, married a dragon named Aymeri.

  As my legacy progressed, these immortal fae characters continued making appearances, bringing along more of their kin and friends, and developing a whole history of their own. Some of those characters became the most popular figures in my legacy and were always greeted warmly when they'd make an appearance. This story, Summerdream, is based on some of the stories I told or hinted at during the course of my legacy. It is not necessary to have read my legacy to understand these stories, as I will be telling them in full with no reliance on any knowledge of what I wrote in the previous story. Also, the version of fae history I'm telling here will differ from the versions I told in my legacy, since in that tale, I was constrained by the rules of the challenge and had to write around things I was required to do, or not allowed to do. So readers of my legacies should be forewarned, the characters and stories may be familiar, but the details will not always be as you remembered them.

Update: 2.14.2013
Some time after I started this Summerdream story, I also began a new Random Legacy, The Brannon Random Legacy, which I really never intended to have anything to do with this story. But by the middle of the first generation, connections to Summerdream started creeping in, until I ended up with a full blown cross over story. I really do my best to write both stories in away that you don't need to rad them both to understand either one, but readers of both do get additional insight into the characters and stories that intersect.


  1. For real?!


    *Jumps up and down*

    *Squeals some more*

    Okay, I'm better now. I can't find a date on this post, but I'm hoping you are seriously going forward with this. This story looks amazing already, and I can't wait to see what you've got planned! =D

    P.S. Hope it's okay to comment, but I just wanted you to know that I'm SO EXCITED about this. I mean, it's AYMERI for god's sake! How can I not be?! =) You can (of course) delete this if you want.

    1. Thank you, Colleen. See, this just proves my point about how warmly appearances by Aymeri we greeted in my legacy....