Character Index: Medieval

Character Index of all the characters who appear in the Medieval era of Summerdream (Chapter 27 on), sorted into Dragon, Fairy, Human and Other categories. Some of the Dragons, Fairies and Other types, being immortal, may have first appeared in the Pre-Historical era. Any character labeled with an (R) is a returning character who originally appeared in the first 26 chapters. The (R) will be followed by the number of the chapter they first appear in after the 26th chapter. This index will mostly only list relationships and statuses that exist in the medieval era,and not repeat information listed in the character index for the pre-historical era. 
While I try to keep this index spoiler free, it will contain references to relationships as they occur. So, readers who look at the index before reading the relevant chapters may find a few spoilers. This index will be updated as new characters are introduced (or old ones reappear), and new relationships will be listed as they occur.

Dragon culture has seen many changes since the pre-historical era. While many still live in the female centered polyandrous nests, unmated males are no longer required to live in their mother's nests or are considered juveniles. It is not unheard of for male dragons to engage in exclusive relationships with fairies, and/or to live in groups without sharing a mate between them.
Males who live in traditional nests will still introduce themselves by their rank in their mate's nest. Males who have entered into partnerships with fairies often take their fairy mate's surname, a practice the fairies themselves find somewhat puzzling, but also endearing.

Aeaea: (R-Ch21) female dragon
Daughter of Tegan and Scaea (both deceased), she is niece to Seirian. In these times, she is leader of one of the nests living in the same area as Aymeri's. She and her mates (unnamed) take part in the battle against Reinier's army in Ch 47. Some of her mates perish in that battle.

Ailidh: First appearance: Ch. 46 female dragon
Leader of one of the dragon nests residing in the same area as Aymeri's nest. An elder dragon, she has a dozen mates, two of whom are named in the story, Brant and Derrell. Ailidh dies in the attack against Reinier's army in Ch 47

Arienh: (R-Ch 27) female dragon
Arienh is the mate of Seirian. She is mother to Fearghus (by Kirwyn, deceased) and Morvyn, by Seirian. Arienh is in the unusual position of being a mated female who is not the head of her nest, and who has chosen to take only one mate. She and her mate Seirian live in Aymeri's nest. She is half-sister by blood to Riain.

Aymeri Dayspring: (R - Ch. 27) male dragon.
Mate of the fairy Ico Dayspring. Father of Talfryn (by Tearhne, deceased)
Once First of Tearhne's nest, Aymeri now leads a small band of dragon and fairies, comprised of his nest brothers, Seirian and Riain, his son Talfryn, Seirian's mate Arienh, their son, Morvyn and the fairies Ico, Shayeleigh and Evenfall. He is also looked to for leadership from other dragon nests and groupings in the area.

Brant: First appearance: Ch. 46 male dragon
Mate to Ailidh, nest brother to Derrell. Brant is one of the only dragons to choose to learn to fight with weapons against humans armed with the Landgraab's blue metal. After Ailidh's death in battle against Reinier Landgraab, he becomes a mate of Paerys.

Derrell: First appearance: Ch. 46 male dragon
Mate to Ailidh, nest brother to Brant. Derrell is one of the only dragons to choose to learn to fight with weapons against humans armed with the Landgraab's blue metal. After Ailidh's death in battle against Reinier Landgraab, he becomes a mate of Paerys.

Fearghus: First Appearance: Ch. 32 male dragon
The son of Arienh by Kirwyn (deceased), Fearghus was born and raised in the area now known as Avendale during the pre-historical era, before the war that took his father Kirwyn's life. He spent most of his childhood in Aymeri's nest and when he came of age, he became the First mate of Inira, the daughter of Seirian by Tearhne (deceased). He and his mate were among those who left the area to populate the Northern areas, and has only recently returned to the Avendale area. He is half-brother to Morvyn.

Inira: (R-Ch. 32) female dragon
The daughter of Seirian by Tearhne (deceased). Her first appearance was as an infant seen only briefly in the pre-historical period. When she came of age, she took Fearghus, son of Arienh and Kirwyn (deceased) as her mate, and they later moved to the North, only returning home in Chapter 32. Inira is half-sister to Talfryn and Morvyn.

Kelyn: First Appearance: Chapter 32 female dragon
Kelyn is the daughter of Dechtire by an unnamed mate. Kelyn was born in the Northern regions after her mother's nest had relocated there from the Avendale area. She is half-sister to Tearhne, who died in the war before Kelyn was born. She is aunt to Talfryn, though she never met him, and to Inira. Kelyn is now mate to Morvyn.

Morvyn: First Appearance: Chapter 27. male dragon.
Morvyn is the son of Arienh by Seirian. He is an unmated male who lives in Aymeri's nest with his parents. Throughout his long life, Morvyn has been prone to having secret affairs with human women, who are always unaware of his true nature. The last of these, Gaelle Delven, became pregnant by him, but never told him of his child. As their affair had come to a sudden end, he was not even aware she was pregnant, and she was quickly forgotten when he met Kelyn and became her mate. Morvyn, like his father, has magical healing abilities. Morvyn was named for his grandmother, Moryn (deceased).

Riain Greenbough: (R-) male dragon
Riain is mated to the fairy Shayeleigh Greenbough, and they live in Aymeri's nest. Father to the werewolf Ametair, by Shayeleigh. He is half-brother by blood to Arienh.

Seirian: (R- Ch 27) male dragon
Seirian is the mate of Arienh. If pressed, he would introduce himself as First of Arienh, but he still thinks of himself as Aymeri's second, and has continued living with his nest brothers even after the death of their shared mate, Tearhne, under Aymeri's leadership. Father of Inira (by Tearhne, deceased) and Morvyn, by Arienh.

Talfryn Nightblossom: (R-Ch. 27) male dragon
Talfryn is mated to the fairy Evenfall Nightblossom. He is the son of Aymeri and Tearhne(deceased).

Fairies: Fairies have not changed much despite many years passing. They still have both first and surnames, and they still never officially marry. Dragons who engage in relationships with fairies often refer to them as mates, a practice the fairies find as puzzling and endearing as their habit of taking their fairy mates' surnames. On the rare occasion that a fairy child is born, the young fairy gets a totally new surname, and does not take the name of either parent.

Auberon Nightshroud: (R- Ch. 30) male fairy
Auberon is the father of Evenfall by his human lover Uvie (deceased). Currently the lover of Tania Summerdream, and what is most likely the ghost of Uvie, though he can't be entirely sure she's not a figment of his imagination. Auberon keeps himself busy these days by answering the prayers of followers of 'the Lady', a deity worshipped by many humans, who is based on Uvie. He's especially protective of Uvie's descendants, and the whole village of Avendale.

Evenfall Nightblossom: (R- Ch. 27) female fairy
Evenfall is the daughter of Auberon by his human over Uvie (deceased). She is mated to the dragon Talfryn, and lives with him in his father Aymeri's nest.

Icovellauna Dayspring: (R-Ch. 32) female fairy
Mostly known as Ico. An undine, or water sprite, who has shared a long term relationship with the dragon Aymeri since the pre historical era. Ico lives in Aymri's nest. Mother of his daughter, Lusinea Shimmersea.

Jennicor Winterdream: (R-Ch.40) female fairy
Sister to Tania Summerdream, Jennicor shares a similar power over the minds of others. She can enter a person's mind or dreams.

Moth Autumnleaf: (R- Ch. 31) male fairy
Moth serves as a liaison between Uvie's descendants and Auberon and Evenfall.

Paerys Sunfire: First appearance Ch 46. female fairy
Daughter of Evie and Talfryn, born after the death of her father by the dragonslayer Reinier Landgraab. Paerys was aware of her father's fate even while she was in the womb, and her thirst for vengeance quickened her mother's pregnancy and her own growth after she was born, causing her to grow to childhood just hours after birth. She just as quickly matured into adulthood, and after the death of the dragon Ailidh in battle against the Dragonslayer, she formed her own nest with two of the elder dragon's widowed mates, Brant and Derrell.

Shayeleigh Greenbough: (R - Ch 32) female fairy
Shayeleigh has been lover to the dragon Riain since the pre historical era. She is mother by Riain to Ametair, the werewolf. She lives in Aymeri's nest.

Tania Summerdream: (R-Ch 37) female fairy
One of the oldest and most powerful fairies, Tania has been a lover of Auberon's for a very long time. Their relationship is hardly exclusive, on either side, but she is prone to jealousy over his lovers.
Sister to Jennicor Winterdream

The village of Avendale, where most of this story is set, would be in our world located in Brittany. This comes from the fact that in my Brannon legacy, I stated hat the old Celtic burial grounds in Champs les Sims was the location of the tomb of The Lady (aka, Uvie). Since the tomb is called 'Celtic' in the game (as well as Champs les Sims having other Celtic references like the cave of the Tuatha) I decided that it was in the Breton Celtic region of France. The names of the citizens of Avendale are therefore taken from Breton Celtic names. Interestingly enough, the name Avendale, which came to me by way of heaven's Avendale legacy, where Uvie originally came from, actually fits the area, as Aven and Avenie are Breton names.
While the Brannon family name was rolled at random when I created the founder of my Brannon random legacy before it got tied up in this story, I discovered while searching through some lists of 9th century Breton Celtic names that Branon was actually a real name used by Celtic Bretons. So that's twice I got lucky with names.
The Landgraab name of course comes from the Sims games themselves, starting in Sims 1 with mentions of an Admiral Landgraab. As the name and history of the Admiral hints vaguely at a Dutch inspiration, I've given Dutch names to anyone from their part of the world.
The Goth family are also a staple of Sims games, and given that in real life, the Goths are a Germanic tribe, I consider them as being from a Germanic type culture. And then I gave the one Goth I've actually mentioned and named in the story so far a Scandinavian name, Agneta. Maybe her mother was Scandinavian.
Note: I'm not trying to make any statements about anyone's culture. This is just the sources I'm using for names so that people from different areas can have different sounding names.

Agneta (Goth) Landgraab: First Appearance: Ch. 41
The daughter of Reinbolt Goth, her marriage to Reinier Landgraab was arranged by her father and Gherrart Landgraab. Though she has several siblings, only Gunteras and Victor are named as yet.

Alain Penguilly: (Chapter 37)
A young nobleman, son of Lady Galena and cousin to Edelina Landgraab. With his mother, he means to take back Odet from Reinier Landgraab, who sized the town after the death of his brother, Edelina's husband.

Anselm Batchelere: (Chapter 33) male human
One of Diedericx's knights, he's with him when he's killed.

Aouregan Avendale: (Chapter 49) female human
Daughter of Sterren Avendale and Reinier Landgraab, though she believes she is the daughter of Sterren's husband, Taran. Aouregan has inherited her mother's magical abilities and is expected to follow in her footsteps as a priestess and healer. Sterren has made sure her daughter never learns her true parentage.

Diedericx Landgraab: (Chapter 33) male human
Older brother of Reinier Landgraab and the Lord of Odet, a town north of  Avendale. Assassinated in chapter 33 by Kelyn, who mistakes him for he dragon slayer.

Edelina Landgraab: (Chapter 33) female human
Wife of Diedericx. The last surviving heir in her family's line, Edelina gave up control of Odet to her husband when she married him. They have no children.

Elara Madec: (Chapter 28) female human
The daughter of Taran Madec by his wife Briec( deceased), Elara (a child) is cured of the sweating sickness by Sterren. When she becomes an adult, she marries Jean Forgeron, who Sterren and Taran had taken in after the dragon attack on Odet.

Fransez Le Bihan: (Chapter 33) male human
Fransez is the healer/priest of the Lady/apothecary for the town of Odet, and an old friend of Sterren's mother. Grandfather of Jean Forgeron (Jon Smith)

Gaelle Delven: (Chapter 27) female human
Gaelle is from a family of prosperous merchants in Avendale, Currently being courted by a wealthy farm owner, Treveur Brannon, she is also secretly the lover of Morvyn, unaware that he is actually a dragon. Gaelle became pregnant by Morvyn but told Treveur the child was his. Only Sterren and Taran know the truth about Gaelle's firstborn.

Galena Penguilly:  (Chapter 37)
Galena is a noblewoman, the Lady of Penguilly. She is the aunt of Edelina Landgraab, and with her on Alain, means to take back Odet from Reinier, who usurped the Lordship of that town after the death of his brother, Edelina's husband.

Geeraard (surname unknown): (Chapter 28) male human
Geeraard is one of Reinier Landgraab's men. The one with the yellow-blond, curly hair.

Gherrart Landgraab (Lord); (Chapter 41)
Human noble, Father of Reinier and Deiderix (deceased).

Gillis Forgeron: (Chapter 40)
Gillis is a smith (forgeron in French) who lives and works in the town of Odet. His wife is Melisenet, daughter of Fransez, and he is father with her to Jean.

Gunteras Goth: Chapter 41
Son of Lord Reinbolt Goth and brother of Agneta. A younger son, Gunteras joined his brother-in-law Reinier Landgraab in battle hoping to make his own fortune. After the battle against Port-de-Lanne in Ch 47, Gunteras was granted the lordship of that town.

Gwencalon Avendale: (Chapter 28) female human
Lady Gwencalon is the wife of Marrec, lord of Avendale. She is mother to Konan (who has not yet appeared) by her husband, and aunt to Sterren.

Harald (surname unknown): (Chaper 28) male human
Harald is the other one of Reiner's men. The strawberry blond one.

Jakob Loyset (Father): (Chapter 38)
Priest of the WAtcher. Jakob came to Odet with Deidericx Landgraab to establish the Watcher's Church in that town. He now serves as priest to Lord Reinier Landgraab.

Jean Forgeron (Jon Smith): (Chapter 33) male human
Jean is the son of Fransez le Bihan's daughter, Melisenet by her husband, Gillis Forgeron, a smith. Though destined to take his father's trade, young Jean is much more interested in magic and fairy stories, and would mych prefer to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. Given that Landgraab controlled Odet is steering away from the native religion that Fransez practices towards Watcherism, which eschews magic, Jean's family, including his grandfather, are trying to discourage his interest in magic. As a young man, Jean takes up the smithing trade, though he never gave up his interest or study of magic. He marries Elara Madec, Taran's daughter by his deceased first wife.

Konan Avendale: (Chapter 49) male human
Son of Lord Marrec and Lady Gwencalon, Konan becomes Lord of Avendale after the death of his father.

Marrec Avendale: (Chapter 28) male human
Marrec is Lord of Avendale, husband of Gwencalon, father of Konan and uncle to Sterren.

Melisenet Forgeron: (Chapter 40)
Daughter of Fransez le Bihan, the priest of the Lady in Odet, Melisenet is married to a smith named Gillis, and she is mother to Jean.

Reingard Goth (born Landgraab): (Chapter 50) female human
Reinier's younger sister, and wife of Gunteras Goth (Agneta's brother).

Reinier Landgraab: (Chapter 27) male human
A younger son of the illustrious Landgraab family, Reinier has succeeded in establishing a reputation for himself as a dragon slayer, making him more well known in the world at large than any of his brothers. He holds no lands of his own, but lives on the considerable wealth of his family, and travels frequently, seeking adventure and dragons to slay. His father seeks to arrange a good marriage for him that will secure him land to be lord over. Or, he could do as some of his elder brothers who also won't inherit the main Landgraab holdings in their homeland have done, and conquer a town or two. The town north of of Avendale, Odet, is currently ruled by one of Reinier's brothers.

Sterren Avendale: (Chapter 27) female human
Sterren's mother, sister to Marrec and of the noble line of Avendales, married a commoner, and thus gave up he title. She was however, a well-respected healer and spiritual leader, serving the Lady, and her daughter has followed in her footsteps to serve as Avendale's healer and spiritual guide. Descendants of Uvie's daughter Kairi (though the Avendales are no longer aware of their ancestry), Sterren has the gift of magic that has passed from Uvie, and she's also aided by Auberon, who keeps watch over Uvie's line. Sterren is the niece of Marrec and Gwencalon.

Taran Madec: (Chapter 28) male human
A simple farmer, Taran Madec lost his wife to a flash flood that also took Sterren's mother. His daughter, Elara, was cured of the sweating sickness by Sterren. He eventually marries Sterren, and raises her daughter as his own, though he is aware of her true father's identity.

Tiedric Landgraab: (Ch. 50) male human
Son of Reinier and Agneta. Agneta died giving birth to him.

Treveur Brannon: (Chapter 30) male human
Treveur is heir to a prosperous farm. Currently married to Gaelle Delven.

Characters that fall outside the Dragon/Fairy/human categories

Ametair: (R-28) male werewolf
The son of Riain and Shayeleigh, Ametair is a werewolf, the first of his kind. Though he's friendly enough with his dragon and fairy relations, he prefers to live on his own, with his wolf companions, in the enchanted forest. He's very protective of the forest and hostile to humans who enter it, making him more feared in Avendale than the dragons who also live in the forest, since Aymeri keeps his people in line and safely out of the humans way, while he has little say over what Ametair does.

Ceyrth Toralynnsyr: (First Appearance - Ch. 32) male Alfar
The Alfar hail from the Northern regions. They are extremely long-lived but not quite immortal beings, a type of nature spirit that inhabit the forests. Like fairies and dragons, they are creatures of magic. Their powers tend to be elemental or animalistic in nature, and they draw strength from the natural world. They physically resemble fairies, with pointed ears and a wider variety of skin tones than humans or dragons, but they are also more like dragons with their keen senses of sight and hearing.

Lusinea Shimmersea: (first appearance,  ch. 47) female mermaid
Daughter of Aymeri, a water dragon, and Ico, a water nymph, Lusinea is the first mermaid.

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