Thursday, February 26, 2015

Summerdream is moving

As many of you know, Blogger is instituting a new policy starting on March 23rd. Nudity and graphic sexuality will no longer be allowed, and blogs that have such content will be set to Private, meaning you'd need my 'express permission' to view the blog.

So, like many other Sim storytellers, I'm moving my story to another host, WordPress.

Summerdream is a few years old now, and there have been many times that I've wanted to go back and edit things, change things and generally, just rewrite the whole thing from scratch. So, I'm taking this forced move as an opportunity to present a whole new Summerdream, starting from Chapter 1.

For those of you who have already been reading Summerdream here, this retelling will be familiar, but there will also be substantial changes in the plot and character design. Some of those changes will be influenced by the comments you have made on chapters here. =)

So, here's the link to Summerdream on WordPress. I hope you will all enjoy this new retellling of the old story.


  1. How exciting! What a way to turn such a ridiculous policy change into something beautiful and productive!! :)

  2. Congrats on this 'opportunity'. Can't wait to see what the story will look like now.